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Call “911” to report crimes, traffic accidents, fires or medical emergencies.

In the case of an emergency, do not call the Association management company (The Management Trust), the security patrol or any board member, as none of them can assist with crimes, traffic accidents, fires or medical emergencies.  The number to call is 911 for fastest response.

The homeowners association, its management company, board members and security patrol officers only enforce CC&R, Construction Rules and Association Rules violations.  The association’s private security patrol is not a police force.  It does not investigate crimes, nor can it stop them.  In any emergency, call 911.

That said, should you wish to alert the association to suspected criminal activity, email or call the Association management company (The Management Trust).  They will address it on the next business day.

Security Company

If you need to call Elite Patrol Agency, the dispatch phone number is (916) 333–3022. Dispatch is available 24 hours per day. However, officers will only be dispatched during the service hours of the property.

Gate Operating Policy

Gates to The Summit are kept closed at all hours.  Occasionally, the gates may be open due to malfunctions, power outages or after an emergency vehicle passes through them.  Motorists are requested to wait until the gates are open completely before passing through them.  Motorists are cautioned not to enter through an exit gate, as the gate may close damaging the vehicle.  If a gate is damaged in such a manner that prevents normal entry, please go to the other entrance (back gate – Lakecrest) or (front gate – Promontory).  It is a violation of the California vehicle code to hit and damage a gate and not report having done so.  Such violations are recorded on camera and provided to the California Highway Patrol for prosecution.

Problems with entrance gates may be reported to The Management Trust by email or at 985-3633.

Opening a Gate Remotely by Telephone

Resident last names and phone numbers are keyed into the kiosks at the front and back gates by The Management Trust, the association’s management company.  When a visitor calls a residence from either of these kiosks, press “9” and the gate will open for the visitor.  The gates will not open should the visitor call from a cell phone.  It only works when the visitor calls by using the kiosk directory panel.  To get a resident name programmed into the kiosk, call Michelle Hawkins at  (916) 985-3633 X 5119

Gate Codes

Resident Gate Codes — Resident gate codes are not available.  Instead, residents may obtain entry key cards and remote control devices by visiting the Association management offices (The Management Trust).  Gate entry key cards may be purchased for $10 each and remotes for $45 each, with resident ID.  They may be given to family members, close friends and long-term house guests.  Residents are cautioned not to give key cards or remotes to realtors, repairmen, deliverymen, gardeners or contractors.  Visitors and workmen should be encouraged to use call directory kiosks at entry gates or obtain a realtor or contractor code (see below).  To aid law enforcement, key cards and remotes are coded to Summit residences.  This allows the sheriff’s office to contact residents who entered The Summit at times critical to investigations, in order to determine what they may have observed.

Realtor Codes —  Realtors may obtain individual codes from the Association management company (The Management Trust).  These individualized codes are valid from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mon. – Fri., and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat. and Sun.   Additionally, realtors may obtain one-day open house codes that are valid any day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Neither realtor nor open house codes may be posted or advertised publicly.  Realtors must provide their codes in person or by phone.  Failure to do so can result in cancellation of a realtor’s access to codes.  Any gate code found posted at entry gates will be removed without notice.  However, realtors may post their cell phone number to call, to obtain their realtor or open house code.  Or, the name of the resident who is listed in the directory may be posted and when the resident’s house phone is called from an entrance kiosk, the realtor may hit “9” to open the gate.  Because of spotty cell phone coverage in The Summit, use of the directory is recommended as backup to a cell phone number.

Pedestrian Gate Codes — Different codes are used to enter the front and rear pedestrian gates.  These codes may be obtained from the Association management company.

Contractor Codes — To assist deliverymen, repairmen, gardeners and contractors, a contractor code is available from the Association management office.  Contractor codes allow access from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mon. – Fri. and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat. only.

Special Event Codes — Residents may obtain Special Event Codes for parties, wedding receptions, reunions, etc. by calling the Association management office at (916) 985-3633, midweek, in advance of the event.  Such codes may be published in invitations, but cannot be posted at entry gates.  Special Event gate codes posted at entry gates will be removed without notice.

Vacation Patrols

In advance of being away for any extended period (vacation, work, weekend away), Summit residents may call The Management Trust – (916) 985-3633 to arrange for The Summit security patrol to check on their residence.  A security patrol officer will stop by each watch and check on the secure integrity of the property.  Residents may also call the security patrol dispatcher after-hours for non-emergency security issues, such as investigation of CC&R or Association Rules violations (i.e., barking dogs, loud parties, suspicious gatherings, vandalism, etc.).  Please note, however, that The Summit’s private patrol IS NOT a police force.  Call 911 to report crimes, traffic accidents and public disturbances, such as loud parties, drunk and disorderly individuals, etc.

Neighborhood Watch

Hundreds of people live in The Summit, but there is only one private security officer on patrol at any given time.   So, the best source of security in The Summit is its residents.  The El Dorado County Sheriff says burglars often observe a property over time, determining its residents’ patterns, before attempting a break-in.  Burglars look for homes that appear to be unoccupied, as identified by unwashed cars parked outside, unmaintained real estate signs, piled up newspapers, telephone directories and garbage cans not put away.   Alert neighbors who observe things that appear to be out of the ordinary are asked to report them to the El Dorado County Sheriff.

The Summit’s video equipment is first rate and can identify vehicles and their drivers in daylight or darkness with great accuracy.  This footage has proven useful in identifying and prosecuting suspects.  Crime is infrequent here, but it does happen.  In recent burglaries, home alarm systems were helpful in alerting neighbors who called the sheriff alerting him to an unauthorized entry.

Megan’s Law

Click on “Megan’s Law” to visit the California Department of Justice listing of registered sex offenders.  Additional links within the site provide guidance on protecting yourself and your family from sex offenders and provide a listing of sex offenders who live in the area.

Vehicle Code Enforcement

The County of El Dorado authorized the California Highway Patrol and El Dorado County Sheriff’s department (through El Dorado County Resolution 161-2002) to enforce California Vehicle Code regulations within The Summit.  CHP patrol cars may enter The Summit and cite motorists for any violation of the CVC at any time.  Possible infractions that may be cited include: speeding (speed limit is 25 mph), failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to wear a seat belt or to place children in seat belts or child safety seats, DUI, reckless driving, etc. 

County Ordinance

Summit Camera Policy