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Summit Park

A community park, at Lakecrest and Crocker, is owned and maintained by the Lake Forest – Summit Owner’s Association for the enjoyment of Summit residents.  Play lawns, a children’s play structure, tennis courts, and a community BBQ and party area are located at the park.  The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Children’s Play Area — A children’s play structure is provided for Summit residents, their families and guests at Summit Park.  Parents are asked to report problems with the play equipment to the Association management company.

Tennis Court– The Summit tennis court is provided for the use of Summit residents and their guests, only.  Play is allowed on the court from sunrise to sunset. To enter the court, Summit residents may obtain a key from the Association’s management office.  A replacement fee of $5 is charged for lost keys. Summit residents may reserve the tennis court in advance of play on a first-come, first-served basis at http://thesummit.onlinecourtreservations.com (note: no “www”).  To access this system, owners must obtain a personalized username and password from the Association’s management office. A reserved player may bump an unreserved player from the court, with presentation of a printout of the reservation. Any unreserved player bumped from the court by a reserved player may complete the current game (not set), but then must relinquish the court. If no evidence of a reservation is provided, an unreserved player on the court may finish the current set, but must relinquish the court at the end of the set to the waiting unreserved player. The tennis court is cleaned by the Association’s landscape management company, though players are expected to deposit litter, old tennis cans, balls, can tops, etc. in the trash receptacle at the park.  No bikes, skateboards, scooters, miniature cars or other wheeled play equipment is allowed on the court.  Players are requested to report problems with the court to the Association management company.  The Summit reserves the right to restrict access to and use of the tennis court to anyone at any time.  Two additional tennis courts are located outside The Summit at Lake Forest Park.

Community BBQ Area — A community BBQ and party area is located at Summit Park.  Summit residents may reserve use of the BBQ and party area by contacting the Association management company.  Those who use the BBQ and party area are asked to police the area for litter and generally clean up the party area, following its use.  Residents are asked to report problems with the BBQ area to the Association management company.

Lake Forest Park – Lake Forest Park, located outside The Summit on Francisco Boulevard, includes: a large children’s play structure, two tennis courts, one beach volleyball court, one bocce ball court, a par course, group picnic area (reserved at the El Dorado Hills CSD) and dog walking trails.

Trail to Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

An historic trail leads from Hathaway Ct. (at bottom of Crocker) to Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.  Portions of this trail are reputed to have been used by prospectors on the way to the gold fields during the California Gold Rush.  The trail passes through wild terrain, and users are cautioned to be aware of wildlife and poison oak which exist along the trail.  At the “T” in the trail, turn left to reach Brown’s Ravine (Folsom Lake Marina, Hobie Cove, Picnicking, boat launch ramps) or right toward the South Fork of the American River.  Horses and hikers may use the trail.  Hikers are asked to stop at the side of the trail when horses pass, to keep them from being spooked.  State Park parking is permitted only for vehicles displaying a Summit sticker or One Day Pass (available from Kocal).  All other vehicles are subject to being towed at a cost of several hundred dollars or more.  This prohibition exists on all Summit streets, though enforcement occurs most frequently at trailheads leading to the lake (Hathaway Ct., Crocker Dr., Montgomery Pl. and Promontory Dr).