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Are you planning to build a house, remodel or repaint one, or install a pool, landscaping or fence? If so, it’s important that you submit an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Approval Request Form with deposit and get authorization to proceed from the ACC before you begin work. Failure to obtain approval in advance can result in a $5,000 fine, or worse.

Approval of work by El Dorado County or the El Dorado Hills Community Services District does not supersede the necessity to obtain approval from the LF-SOA ACC in advance. Significant fines can be imposed and legal action result from commencing work without ACC approval. It is each owner’s responsibility, not his/her contractor’s, to submit requests for approval.

Please read the ACC Approval Request Form prior to starting any construction, renovation or landscaping project. All exterior construction, landscaping or renovation must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee with a fully completed ACC Approval Request Form, applicable deposit and plans in advance of work. Failure to do this is subject to a fine of up to $5,000, plus additional penalties.

Request for Approval (All forms must be completed fully and submitted to the ACC for approval in advance of work – failure to do so is subject to fines. Although approval may occur faster, the ACC is allowed 60 days to approve requests.)

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